Heritage Property Investment Group specialises in investing in property for ourselves, our chosen clients and partners. We are the solution for sellers under any circumstances. If you have a property to sell, then we can buy it.

With over 60 years’ property experience between the three partners, we have created Heritage to fulfil our own aspirations in property investment and development, and to provide a one-stop-shop for any everyday seller, investor, developer, or anyone that needs to sell property.

We have spent many years working in the ever growing, very competitive property markets, experiencing the many ups and downs, competition, legislation changes, financial climates, different governing bodies, educators and so much more! We have over 60 years of working with customers, investors, landlords and developers.

One thing is certain, there is always a way, always a solution to find a successfully sale, where both the seller and the buyer are happy.

What investments do we cover?

  • Buy to Let
  • Flipping BMV properties
  • Commercial to Residential
  • HMO
  • Serviced Apartment
  • Renovation
  • Build to Let
  • Land Brokering
  • Property Lease Purchase


Heritage use it's network of property sourcers to find deals all over the country. Our Property sourcers can earn thousands for leads passed which become 'live deals'. Click on button below to find out how you can join. It's FREE to join as a sourcer and we even have a 2 week online training course, ALSO FOR FREE, which will help you find property deals and allow you to become an expert property sourcer!


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